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Protect your business against Cyber Attacks!

Cybersecurity Consulting
Full analysis of your company's current cybersecurity risk. Help implement cybersecurity best practices.
Penetration Testing
Fortify your businesses cyber stance. PCG helps you find security loopholes & works with you to improve your infrastructure security.
Fortifying & Monitoring
Industry leading, AI driven malware protection & persistent monitoring. PCG helps finds security vulnerabilities in real time.
CyberSecurity Bootcamp
Train your employees how to identify & mitigate a cyber attackers efforts to gain access to your businesses infrastructure

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Cybersecurity Consulting
Penetration Testing
Fortifying & Monitoring
Cybersecurity Bootcamp
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Cybersecurity Consulting
Cybersecurity has become critical part of a business’s infrastructure. We all share this common unity of owning and operating a business so PCG takes it personal when seeing fellow businesses affected by cyber criminals. this is why PCG strives to give each and everyone of our clients the knowledge, guidance and tools necessary to protect their assets.
Penetration Testing
Cyber-attacks are continuously evolving and can wreak havoc on a company’s infrastructure. From amateur cyber criminals to state sponsored rogue malware, we have access to the latest attacks cyber criminals have to offer. Leveraging these known variants of attacks, PCG can run simulated attacks on your networks to find hidden vulnerabilities and patch immediately.
Fortifying & Monitoring

PCG’s AI driven malware identifies cybersecurity vulnerabilities real-time to defend against the latest ransomware. Your devices are protected with Ransomware just in time backups. When infected our systems can run instant forensics and restore systems instantly within our control center.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp
PCG has all the latest tools & resources to protect your business, cyber criminals know this, therefore they leverage social engineering, manipulating your employees, to gain access to a business’s infrastructure. PCG takes our cyber training program to the next level, offering a “learn from mistake” model. Training through immersion is the quickest and most tactful way to learn, retain and implement knowledge.

IT Security Serivces

If your business depends on technology to run day-to-day operations, then having cybersecurity measures in place to stop cyber criminals is imperative. You would not leave your business doors unlocked when closing shop for the night. For those who are tech savvy this is easily understood, however for most this could be difficult terrain to navigate. PCG will help guide your company into becoming more secure, because cyber threats are always evolving, persistent and on a global scale. PCG will be an extension of your company helping you protect your data and infrastructure.

PCG does not take cybersecurity lightly we leverage the latest in artificial intelligent malware protection, monitoring, and firewall technology to help fortify your company’s infrastructure. In addition to securing the digital component of your company, PCG also focuses on the human element. Cyber criminals today utilize social engineering tactics to gain access to your networks to hold your company at ransom. All of our cyber security solutions involve training your personnel to become more cyber aware. No malware protection, no monitoring and or firewall can protect from a cybercriminal who is let through the front door. Therefore training your employees on cyber security is a major part of our security services.

// Cyber Security

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